Skills and Time: We know most of you are very busy so we deeply appreciate your time. There are small amounts of office work in manageable parcels that you can do from home: we have large numbers of email lists and we want help to remove duplicates; people with a good sense of humour can volunteer to make signs for regular public events, to pick up and drop public address systems, posters and leaflets.

We want to make sure everyone in New South Wales knows that locals, tourists and festival goers will only keep coming back to a beautiful town populated by passionate people.

We need people: in theatre, poets, comedians, cartoonists, composers, lyricists, video makers, designers and creative writers to create entertaining or informative competitions, indoor and street events focusing on the absurdity of the West Byron development.

When: We will be campaigning past the submission date right up to the JRPP hearing (some months away – at a date yet to be announced).

Contact: Email us with your name, phone number, time availability, skills and clever ideas that show that our combined creative community stands united at:

Tell: Your friends about making Submissions and this movement. People you spend time with in different forms of employment or leisure time. For example how many mums, dads, kids trying to get to schools, tradies, shop owners, businesses staff, nature lovers, surfers, swimmers and even tourists will see the quality of their lives and their time reduced by West Byron.

Money: We need money to pay for campaign costs especially media adverts, hall hire and printing costs. Please donate to the Protect Byron campaign
BSB: 082057
Account Number: 845504980
Reference: StopWestByron


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We appreciate the help already provided in developing and providing content to the website, Facebook site, and associated work provided by Alan Morden, Mary Gardner PhD, Trish Shantz, Dailan Pugh OAM, Jason Lasky, Jim Beatson, Andy Winton-Brown, Cate Coorey and Jacky Morris.