• The DAs want to build over 1000 houses – a 25% increase in the size of Byron Bay, including Suffolk Park. The town is already strained.
  • The build densities violate the Byron Local Environment Plan. The LEP is a legal document and cannot be changed except by Council in a process which requires extensive public consultation. The DAs are trying to change the rules without going through a public decision making process. This can cause a precedent which can encourage similar DAs around Byron Shire.
  • They want to build ‘medium density residential zones’ plus ‘low density residential zones’ but on undersized lots. This violates the LEP.
  • The DAs are not compatible: many things do not match. Some of these are road works, drainage works, services, the plans for fill and more.
  • One example is the problem of street layout: there is no space for swales (drainage) for ‘nose-in’ parking and some sites have no rear access or street parking at all which are required by DCP E8.10.3
  • Both DAs are required by law to have plans of management for threatened species and these include Koala and Wallum Sedge Frog management.
  • Whole of site plans are required for difficult issues such as traffic, koalas, biodiversity, acid sulphate soils, stormwater, flooding
  • Whole of site plans are also required because of the impacts on the Belongil (part of National Marine Park) and the surrounding wetlands which are managed under laws called State Environment Planning and Protection (SEPP 14).
  • The DA 10.2017.201.1-Various Properties Villa World doesn’t include a Statement of Environmental Effects. Improperly submitted DAs are not supposed to be accepted. To say that there was one submitted before is not sufficient as the current proposal is different and has different effects.